Friday, August 20, 2010

How to download frostwire on your computer?

You can download songs to your ipod for free....but idk how to download it.How to download frostwire on your computer?
Go to and click downloads at the top of the page. Then select your system.

Are computer viruses really created by human beings?

According to some websites, I can see that computer viruses are created by human beings, Dr. Fred Cohen. Is he really a creator or discoverer? And How did he find out it? If it is true, how did he make virus spread to other computers all over the world?Are computer viruses really created by human beings?
ahhhhhhhh , yes

where did you think they came from ----not another mean and evil computer


www.wikipedia has a lot on it

and computer viruses really created by human beings?
yes virus are made by human


they dont need to put their nose so play with our toys so dont worry

Humans of course

and in my opinion the companies of antiviruses started doing that cuz is the only way THEY CAN SURVIVE


if no viruses....why to buy their product

the virus is spread from one computer to anothe via man many doors



when you visit a site and you ckcik something on it - under there was a VIRUS

many many ways.........
Read all about computer viruses in Wikipedia


How can I take off my Computer Password on Windows 7?

I want to know how I can take off my computer password and I don't know what it is.

I have Windows 7 so please tell me how I can do it on windows 7. :DHow can I take off my Computer Password on Windows 7?
well if your in the acct. go to start and click on the icon u have and then click re move password if ur not in it and forgot it long into a diff account has to admin tho and do the sameHow can I take off my Computer Password on Windows 7?
you can go to getting started, and then go to change my password and click on remove my password.
A windows password is so no one else can get into your computer but yourself. If someone would get onto your computer because you didnt have a password on there then they could have access to all of your personal files or even delete your files and so forth.

If you want to take the password off all you have to do is go click on your start menu and then click on the control panel. From there you will click on user accounts. Then in the user accounts click on change your windows password. When you get into that section then you click on remove your password. It will tell you to type in your current password and when you do you click on remove password.
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  • How do you restore your recycle bin if you accidently deleted it ?

    haha i deleted my recycle bin off my computer by accident and idk how to get it back please help :)How do you restore your recycle bin if you accidently deleted it ?
    do a system restore via control panelHow do you restore your recycle bin if you accidently deleted it ?
    you mean the ICON???

    OPEN '; my computer

    drive ';c';

    then ckcik at the top...folders

    on the left side you will see down down on th elist

    :recycle bin';

    right click on it

    ';send to desktop';

    and thats it..

    ohh nvm thout u ment files from the recycling bin sryz, ya restore point lol
    This answers your question perfectly (Windows Vista or 7):鈥?/a>

    If using Windows XP, follow this link:鈥?/a>

    Basically, all you need to do is right-click your Desktop, click on 'Properties', and then 'Desktop'. Click 'Customize Desktop...' and then press 'Restore Default', and your Recycle Bin should come back. If this doesn't work, try one of the other solutions on the XP link.

    Hope this helps!

    I'm guessing you have Vista or 7. Here's what you do. Right click on the desktop and go to personalize. The click on ';change desktop icons'; in the top left-hand corner. There you'll see the option to display the recycle bin. Just check the box and you're good to go.
    Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel .

    # In the Control Panel window, click Appearance and Personalization .

    # In the Appearance and Personalization window, click Personalization .

    # In the Personalization window, on the left side pane, click Change desktop icons .

    # In the Desktop Icon Settings window, click to place a check in the box next to an icon for it to be added, or click to clear the check in the box next to an icon to remove it.

    # Once all the desired system icons have been selected, click the OK button.

    # In the Personalization window, click the X in the upper right corner to close the window.
    To return the icon rather than just create a secondary shortcut icon in Vista or Windows 7,

    1. right click a blank area of the desktop,

    2. select personalisation,

    3. select change Desktop Icons on the left,

    4. tick the box on the Recycle Bin icon.

    5. Click OK and close the open windows

    your fully functioning icon is returned to the desktop
    I actually own a program that has a special search it can perform for deleted or lost recycle bins. You can try it out for yourself at:

    Make sure you act quickly though. The files you are attempting to recover can be overwritten at any time.
    free disk recovery software can free recover deleted ( word, excel, ppt, video, zip, photo ) files from hard drive which were erased in Recycle Bin or deleted by shift+del on hard drive

    How can i log in to SMPT account?

    i just bought a imac computer and when i try to log into my e mail a box ask for my password, when i write my password it tells me is incorrect, what can i do?How can i log in to SMPT account?
    Please edit your question to explain if you have a Password problem or an SMTP problem.

    How do i do it?????????????????????

    how do i put those cute love hearts, stars and those other symbols when im typing on the computer................................鈥?anyone know how to do it?


    can you please tell me how to do it or send me the symbols so i can copy paste it

    thnxxHow do i do it?????????????????????
    On Microsoft word, you can select insert and then select clip art. Not sure if that's what you're referring to, but there ya goHow do i do it?????????????????????
    sorry i cant help u.........
    you mean in some kind of chat?? you have to tell us where, not all pages allow them for example
    Do you really want to? It's getting old very fast. Maybe useful when chatting with other young girls, but very annoying for the rest of us. Remember the old Internet rule : ';Maximum one emoticon per paragraph.';
    The hearts you can do it holding down 'alt' button and press number '3' ( the numbers there are in the right side on your keyboard). You can try any number this way and you found out a lot of symbols. XD

    How do i put pictures onto my Ipod Touch?

    Okay, so i want to put pictures from my documents onto my Ipod touch.

    Ive tryed going on to ';my computer'; and dragging it to my ipod, but it says ';Cannot copy item, the device has either stopped responding or been disconnected';. Please tell me another way to get pics to my ipod, use detail thanks :D.How do i put pictures onto my Ipod Touch?

    Glad i could helpHow do i put pictures onto my Ipod Touch?
    You can save a picture directly from Google on your iPod Touch. Simply find the picture you want, hold on it for a few seconds, and click 'Save Image'. It will be saved directly on your photo library on your iPod, and when you sync it with your computer it will also be saved there.

    I'm glad I could be of assistance.
    If you have a facebook account you can upload them their then get on facebook from your ipod touch and copy them over.

    1. Upload pictures to facebook

    2. Get on facebook from ipod

    3. Go to pictures

    4. Select the picture you want and it should give you an option on what you want to do with it
    you can get them from google..

    or download a free background app
    Make sure that all of the pictures you want on your iPod are in one folder. Connect your iPod and open iTunes. In iTunes, click on device%26gt;photos. Where it says sync photos from select the folder you have the pictures in. Have Sync checked off. Then sync your iPod.
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